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About Us

Aneta Milly Koubková and Martin Zezula

are a professional music duo from Brno.


Over the years in music business this duo did not remain only in South Moravia – but they were traveling throughout the whole Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Italy


Their home „music haven” has been since their childhood pop music of the 80´s & 90´s. But Aneta and Martin go well beyond these two music decades with their repertory list – you can hear from them not only music  from present days but the biggest pop and rock hits, too but also for example rock´n´roll, swing or brass band music


The list of activities of Aneta and Martin does not end here by far! They are involved in creating music arrangements and help to create a variety of author´s projects, too.

Aneta Milly Koubková
She was born into a musical family – her dad is a guitar player, her mom is a singer. Aneta´s musical talent was unmistakable since her childhood. Very soon she began singing in the choir which was soon replaced for lessons of solo singing and playing the piano.
The fateful meeting took place at Aneta´s high school – when she was sixteen Martin Zezula entered into her life. Gradually, Aneta finds in him not only a musical but later on her life´s partner. Thanks to the tremendous support and assistance of her parents and Martin, she takes the journey of her future career as a professional singer which she follows up to now.

Martin Zezula
Since his early childhood he has been discovering music in all its forms. He was a typical example of a self-taught musician. He was given his first keyboard by his parents in the seventh grade of elementary school. At the same time he founded his first "author´s project" with his longtime friend Mark Pařil. During following years there is also created a bar band called "Šumichrást Malbohár", which he founded together with Oldřich Hloušek, Filip Zeiner and Věra Muller.
Martin has been active in music business for more than twenty years. In addition to "live" music performances he is also actively engaged in work in his recording studio and post-production. 

Anett & Martin