Common Boys / Bluespace / deep blue project  (1992-2004)

This studio project actually started everything. In 1990 Martin and Marek Pařil created a duo, at basic school known as “Common Boys”. First it was a kind of a childhood dream “to become famous”, which the boys thanks to their teacher Oldřich Hloušek managed to fulfill. At least up to the point that being fifteen years old they organized discos and various gigs for their peers and pupils of the basic school in Komín, where they also presented even their own songs. A few years later, Common Boys were renamed to “Deep Blue Project”.
In 2000 they meet Michal David and he advised them to rename Deep Blue Project to a new and more commercial name “Bluespace”. Also, the songs, written up to now in English, got their own Czech form. Cooperation with Michal David brought the boys wealthy experience. They first tried recording in a high-tech studio, where new hits of the Czech show business stars like Helena Vondráčková, Karel Gott, Lucie Bílá and many others are being created. Based on gained experience they unofficially release their first album “Reflexy” (“Reflexes”). 
The year 2001 brings first great success – winning the national Zlíntalent competition (author category) with the song “Nejsem loutka” (“I´m Not a Puppet”), with which Bluespace also appears in the TV show “Rozjezdy pro hvězdy” (“New Starts for Stars”). And the very same song got placed on the sixth track of the KissHády radio chart.  
During the next years Martin took part in the Bohemia talent song contest, where he in both 2002 and 2003 got among the first ten places.

Přátelé - Common Boys
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I Never Take - Common Boys
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Sometimes Love Hurts - Common Boys
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Metamorphosis - deep blue project
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Chemical Dreams - deep blue project
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Ostrovy - deep blue project
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Zas´ v tom lítám - bluespace
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Nejsem loutka (2001) - bluespace
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Plnou náruč Tě mám - bluespace
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Workstation (2003)

Mainly a studio project, which was put together in 2003 by Martin and Brno´s DJ legend Karel Matýšek. It was born from a long term friendship and its aim was dance music, but above all a lot of fun. There was created an author thing Awakening or for example remix “Pražský House” by Petr Kotvald. But Workstation also cooperated with DJ Orbit and they created an electro remix of his author´s works for him. An interim “peak” of this dance project was probably a dance party gig. They performed their Live-set Workstation in Brno Boby Center in 2003.  

Pražský House - Workstation
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Awakening - Workstation
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Orbit (Electro Radio Edit) - Workstation
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Postproduction & Recording Studio

In the “Postproduction & Recording Studio” section I would like to mention a few interesting music projects, on which I had the honor to cooperate as an arranger, composer and sound engineer during the past years. 

The major place, where there were many of the music projects born, was the High School of Arts and Management. (Střední Uměleckomanažerská škola). I met there many of my future friends and great musicians, amongst them belong for example Martin Kurc, Filip Pešta, Adam Hrubý, Anička Rajnišová, Jirka Jaroš nebo Jirka Marek…

Our music paths crossed in 2009 when I was in the recording studio in the above mentioned High School of Arts and Management (SŠUM - Střední Uměleckomanažerská škola). Filip, as a fifteen year old boy, was a fresh “freshman” in the Music studio of SŠUM. Very soon I discovered a talent for composing in him and together we started to develop it. Over the years there were created a lots of songs, of which Filip is the author, and I created the arrangements and final sound in studio.

Our music cooperation still lasts and among others Filip belongs to my closest friends. 

Filip Pešta

Spirals - Filip Pešta
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Příměří - Filip Pešta
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Martin Kurc

The High School of Arts and Management in 2006. There came a boy with an unmistakable voice to the first year of the Music studio….he was a bit of a “shy guy” but damn talented! Very quickly he started to be interested in the studio and he spent more time with me there than at school. We sang together, and created music backgrounds to favourite songs in the studio. He was the first one to whom I was handing over my experience from “bar playing”.
Today I consider Bridge of Life beautiful cooperation, the author of which is nobody else than Filip Pešta and I arranged it, Martin Kurc sang it. 
Martin went through a great experience in the Superstar TV show and today, many years later, he has his own  Martin Kurc & Band group and sings on….thanks God for that!


I appreciate our friendship a lot.

The Bridge Of Life - Martin Kurc
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Jirka Jaroš

Jirka Jaroš also comes to my life from the High School of Arts and Management in 2006. A young dandy guy with a guitar who sings Dylan´s “Knocking On Heaven´s Door” with so unmistakable was really difficult not to hear him! Jirka had been looking for “his own” path for a few years and so our lives crossed a bit later.
Today we are close friends and I am thankful for that. 
We cooperate on Jirka´s original songs according to the classic model – Jirka brings a musical idea, the form of a song and lyrics / Martin makes arrangement and gives the song the final look. 


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